Tuesday, January 4, 2022

2022 - Two

2022 - TWO

"Second helpings anyone?"  When there is a delicious meal, some want seconds of what they just finished on their plate.  Second chances in life, maybe with a family member, friend or lover.  And speaking of an intimate knowing, that the number two also means a couple in a relationship or, "I need a couple more hours to finish up my project."  

It takes two people to play and balance on a see-saw.  In a story you have a protagonist and an antagonist dancing to and fro, back and forth in the plot opposing each other, then bringing the story back into balance in the end.  Yet how do two opposites really attract?

It takes two to Tango.  Love Birds, well, it would be odd if there were three or more snugging together, eh?  There are two sides to a coin, and two sides to every story.  In tennis they hit the ball with a forehand and a backhand with the same racket. 

A couple married for more than 50 years, and a pair of shoes that danced to their hearts content, the number two stands for our passion to unite and sometimes oppose one another.  Find the balance in life and second helpings are waiting for you.

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