Sunday, March 28, 2021


 The last year, and almost a half, we have been witnessing a profound metamorphosis on our planet.  Change is normal, yet we conscious humans are in the middle of surmountable transformation, and it can be down right scary.  Our eyes and ears have seen and heard multiple issues coming to the forefront, not just from our Earth, but from the behaviors of us humans.  How we embrace the knowledge that comes from this major shift in life will determine our metamorphosis… our destiny.

I believe that most of us want to challenge ourselves.  We see a mountain, so majestic and powerful, and we tell ourselves, “If I can get to the top, I will have accomplished a momentous’s feat.  I can do anything.”  And it’s true.  Many may hold, and not desire change because it’s easier.  Everything changes.  If a caterpillar chose not to transform into a butterfly, it would not be able to find its true potential.

We all have potential.  Whether it’s helping someone cross a busy street, or climbing a pink heathered stone pathway upwards toward a majestic mountain.  Each step we take, no matter where we are is a path towards our own metamorphosis of which our inner self is aware that we must take.  Enjoy your journey, step by step.  Stop here and there to become aware of the beauty that surrounds all of us.  

Mary Ammon MacNeith is an award winning filmmaker and screenwriter who composes thoughtful ideas in her blog “Shift Your Life Now”.  You can find out more at  

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