Tuesday, January 4, 2022

2022 - One

 2022 - One

One can be a lonely number, yet despite 0 being the first number in the chain of numerals, the number one is listed first of the steps to any path or project.  

"What shall we do first?"  Or, "What's the first step in our action plan?"  Finally, do we write the first page starting with zero?  No of course not, we start with the number 1.  One is not really lonely because it pairs nicely with all the other numbers, zero through nine and from the teens and then beginning with the 100's, 1,000's, and so on.  Why am I writing about the number one?  Well, I've have an assignment to write eight blogs within a month, so why not talk about numbers.

The meaning of the number one is basically a new start, or new beginnings.  I have a new beginning of turning my TV show outline into a first draft.  There's 1st place for a someone who wins a race or a contest.  The number one can also mean unity, such the defacto United States motto E Plurabus Unum, "Out of many, one."  According to Lisa Boswell, number one is related to leadership.

So, enjoy starting a new project or journey, whether it's only you or one group of people.  Lead with the heart and your path will be paved with adventure.

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