Friday, July 23, 2021


Life is perfectly imperfect.  We humans like the idea of #perfection in our lives, and for many that leans heavier in their workplace.  I know from experience that being perfect in one’s job, to complete all the tasks and not have any mistakes, would bring satisfaction to the worker and their leadership.  However, there is usually not enough time or care put in the workplace structure to embrace flaws, as a way of growing a company and improving the wellbeing of their employees, and thus creating a type of “perfect” place to enjoy their work. 

It’s natural for us to strive for #perfection in our careers, so we can attain what we feel is the ideal situation for which we can celebrate victories in our employment.  “When is ‘good enough’ an acceptable goal?” (Andrew Scott).  I believe an acceptable goal of what can be perceived being perfect, is when one takes a step back and knows in their heart that the concept has been reached, and nothing more needs to be done.

#Perfection is an opinion.  One person’s sense of completion is another person’s head tilt with, “Umm, maybe I need to tweak it in a different way.”  Thus it isn’t perfect.  Maybe the tweak is necessary and maybe it isn’t.  Is every human’s point-of-view perfect?  We can strive for #perfection, whatever that meaning is for those who desire to embrace it.  Yet, I see perfection in the beauty of a sunset, the smile of child and the perfectly imperfect world we live in.

~ Mary Ammon MacNeith

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Destiny Is Calling

 Are you aware when Destiny calls you?  Maybe the phone actually rings, and someone on the other end is just who you need in that time and place.  Or maybe you’ve been thinking about something or someone for a while, or even in a sudden moment of a thought coming to your mind,  you are sure that the information you are receiving is perfect for that moment?

What is destiny?  Defined, it is a hidden power or force believed to control what will happen in the future, to a person, place or thing.  It seems that destiny may come with a price too, and that price is a choice.  To go down the golden road towards an emerald city, or to choose the more difficult path to gain knowledge and skills to overcome the challenges we all face as human beings, within the emerald city and beyond.

Many of us as we grow up and older are able to find our golden roads with their ups and downs and sideway paths.  These discoveries are a nurturing avenue to prepare us for, our destiny.  Sometimes we can find our destiny quickly, and maybe it lasts long, or burns out too fast.  For some of us, it takes a while longer, and that’s okay.  The trick is to listen when destiny calls, and pay attention to what your heart tells you.  “This path to the left, it’s easy.  Take the path on the right, it’s rocky and a big incline, though it will take you where you’re destined to be.”  

Destiny whispered to me recently, and I’ve been listening.  You may hear the soft, warm gentle breeze enveloping you while chills run through your body, and you know you’re on the right path.

~ Mary MacNeith

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