Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Shift Your Life Now

Shift Your Life Now, means that maybe something may not be working, flowing or blossoming the way we might want it to.  Even though we are all in a constant form of change, sometimes that change is not what we want, or asked for or think we deserve.  There might be a question of fate versus choice, but they may be on either side of the same coin.

I'm in a current state of needing to Shift my Life Now.  I'm a woman who is extremely grateful for the life I have, where I came from and yet, I know that there is something I must contribute to others on a bigger scale.  My passion has always been storytelling.  An ancient way to educate while entertaining a small group of people to millions.  My struggle for so long is how best to compose those stories I want to tell, and how to get those stories out into the world.  That is my challenge and my gift to the world, to my family, to myself.  

I am in a state of Shifting my Life Now, to accomplish what has seemed the un-acomplishable.  If I don't shift my desire to share my stories now, then when?

Yet first, there is another challenge.  I must shift my mindset.  My environment and my thoughts have been influenced me in many negative ways, from where I’ve lived to the words that are spoken to me.  These adverse words and thoughts from others are felt internally, re-shaping my thoughts and actions, like a cancer destroying my cells from within.

I know I must build a defense against these harmful attacks, however subtle or aggressive they are.  In a sense, I must become a warrior to defend myself from such offenses, and yet it’s is difficult to be one’s one shield and conquer my innate desires of sharing my knowledge with integrity and compassion. 

My task then, is to take one small action at a time, to build my foundation of transformation that comes with a kind shield and a blazing sword of awareness for myself and everyone.

M. MacNeith

THE   WRITE   PATH My blog, Shift Your Life Now, was created in 2019.  Before that I had a blog called Making Lemonade.  The reason I engage...