Saturday, January 8, 2022


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My blog, Shift Your Life Now, was created in 2019.  Before that I had a blog called Making Lemonade.  The reason I engaged in having a blog was to finally concentrate on writing, in its simplest form, while sharing my thoughts of ideas and inspiration, as words can be expressed visually when we watch, read or listen.

When I was young, I loved watching TV and movies.  Many of you know that the film Star Wars had a huge impact on me, in in all aspects of production and in spirit.  At a young age, I began to write puppet shows and plays.  In high school, I knew that being a writer would be my passion, to share knowledge and be entertained by it.  I received my bachelors degree in screenwriting, yet over time, that knowledge became outdated.  Then Hollywood came to me, via the computer, with ScreenwritingU.

The last Career Launch was an extra especial event for me, from Hal and Cheryl, and the experience propelled my purpose as a writer.  Then an invitation to SuccessMasters in December of 2020 illuminated my writing course through speech, which I had been on for a very long time.  Finally, last year’s Fearless Writers marathon of marketing was a huge highlight on my path.  When a manager told me my TV show could last for ten years, I was in awe that I had created something that would inspire and resonate for a long period of time.

Hal and Cheryl, I give to you my profound gratitude, for your passion of visual storytelling and sharing the amazing skills you have given to your many students, like myself.  You have provided more than just mastery of the lessons to compose stories.  You have enlightened my pathways towards my writing career, and thousands of others as well.

I thank you from the fullness of my heart, Hal and Cheryl, for your support and being my North Star.

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  1. Mary, thank you for the kind words. Cheryl and I are honored to work with you and love watching you grow and become the great writer that you are!

    We look forward to many future successes for you!



THE   WRITE   PATH My blog, Shift Your Life Now, was created in 2019.  Before that I had a blog called Making Lemonade.  The reason I engage...