Monday, January 6, 2020

Shift Your Life Now

Was 2019 a harsh year for you?  It was certainly challenging for me.  It started off with the U.S. government shutting down, chaos at the southern border, upheavals around the globe, the U.S. Executive Branch believing they can do no wrong, armageddon-like fires in southeast Australia.  Between nature made and man made disasters around the world, it’s time for the globe to shift for the positive.  It’s time for us to shift our lives now.

I’ve been struggling to shift my life for a while.  I’ve put a lot on “my plate” over the past few years, and I tend to put others in my life before myself.  I must be careful and acknowledge that my plans and goals are important too.  I’ve had big dreams for a long time, and if I don’t start acting upon them, then those dreams will fade.  I can’t let that happen.  I must act now.  I must shift my life now, and see my goals come to fruition. 

Shifting your life can be big or little steps.  Little steps may lead to longer and bigger goals.  As I plan for my long term goals to be fulfilled, I will require small deliberate steps.  I’m shifting my life to improve my writing on many levels of the craft, as well as education in wellness and entrepreneurship.  I’ve always desired my own business.  I had one for a while making specially handcrafted shoes.  It was a big shift I took to do that, and now I’m shifting again.  If I can’t help myself, I cannot truly help others.  It’s time to shift your life now, and may your 2020 be all the best it can be.

M. MacNeith

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