Monday, December 2, 2019

Season of Giving

For many people around the globe, we think of the season of giving to be during the holidays in December.  Retailers plan months in advance for special prices on goods and items so we can purchase them to give to our family and friends, and give to those in need.

We tend to focus this desire, this necessity to buy someone something because we are supposed to.  The buying and giving of items, which are either needed or a kind of luxury can have heartfelt value.  However, things can be bought at anytime.  The true value of giving comes in the form of time, and the most precious gift is one’s love.

The beauty of giving one’s time and love is that the value of these gifts are exceedingly high and cost nothing at all.  In fact, the true beauty is that time and love go hand in hand.  Happy giving.

M. MacNeith

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