Monday, November 25, 2019

Being Thankful

Gratitude, appreciation, being thankful.  These words are an essential trait for any person who intends to thrive.  Not only giving thanks to others and appreciating what one has, but receiving thanks as well.

In the U.S. we have a new habit of thanking our military service members.  It’s a beautiful sentiment.  For many, I believe hearing “thank you” is a thoughtful gesture, though it may not have as much weight as those who are saying thank you, are led to believe.  I could be wrong, though many people are not inclined to be receptive to receiving a “thank you”.

Years ago, a friend of mine and co-worker had a car that was on its last legs.  She drove a simple car and her in-laws desired to give her one of their cars as they wanted to purchase a new one for themselves. We talked about it.  Her in-laws were financially comfortable and my friend didn’t want to take what she thought of as charity.  I was led to believe her in-laws were giving her an expensive used car.  So when I asked what kind of car they were going to give her, she responded, “a PT Cruiser”.  I told her, “Great!  You shouldn’t be driving your car any more.  Take their car and say thank you.”  Within the week, she showed me her new-used car and she was very grateful to have it.

I’m thankful that I was able to assist my friend with being grateful for something she needed.  I was grateful to use this simple act of thankfulness after reading a new book about gratitude.  We are grateful for what we have— our homes, food, clothing, family, friendship, etc.  Yet don’t forget to receive thanks too, and hopefully be grateful for it.

M. MacNeith

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