Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Veterans Day

My dad, circa 1942

Yesterday was Veterans Day in the United States.  It’s a pleasure to know that after 100 years, we are still honoring our women and men who served and serve in our U.S. military in so many capacities here at home and all over the world.  My ancestors served in The Great War, among them was my great-uncle Tobias Ammon, who was killed in action on September 9, 1918.  My father, above in the photo, served in World War II in the Army Air Corps.  These groups of men and women were proud to serve, yet did not show heir pride on their sleeve.  I did not know until after dad passed away in 2008, that not only did he serve in Iceland during the war, he was there for over 90 days, making him a member of The Forgotten Bastards of Iceland.   

A friend of mine was also in the Air Force- Special Forces in Vietnam.  He’s one of the most interesting persons I know.  He’s like the Engergizer Bunny, he just keeps going, keeps serving his country in many ways.  He was “honored” with two Purple Hearts in Vietnam.  An award most soldiers, airmen, marines and seamen truly wouldn’t really want to have, I’m sure.

Then there’s my husband, a 30 year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard.  He wanted to be in tor 40 years, and felt as if his Coastie “family” he had been with was kicking him out, just like when he was young.  And even though he was apart of a historic rescue, the attitude he has for his service is much like that of my father and other WWII vets, it was his job.  The USCG was his security and his family.  I believe he appreciated his time, and now he continues to serve in another government capacity.

Family is important, not just for the veteran, but for those family members of the veteran.  Nowadays, we are used to saying “Thank you for your service” to vets, and we are now paying that to veteran families as a whole.

The military is a volunteer service, though the service and what comes from it lasts a lifetime and beyond.  We must continue to appreciate and honor them, always.

M. MacNeith

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