Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Autumn in November

     The season of Fall or Autumn commences at the end of September as it can still be very warm when the heat begins to decay the foliage in our neighborhoods.  The leafy bushes and trees begin to turn from their lovely shades of green into brilliant hues of yellow, orange, red, mahogany and bronze.  The trend continues into October depending on your location, yet in the early mornings, you can feel the hints of chilly air surrounding you outside your home.  

     It’s now a few days into November, and the air is getting more damp mixing with the warmth of the earth.  Fog sets in and reminds us of quieter times as the sun hides for longer hours.  We put on warmer layers of clothing, and snuggle with our loved ones—even in our dreams.  

     I love Autumn.   This season is a beautiful reminder that life is given, it blossoms and thrives in many ways and then it is released back to where it came from.  And from this release and decay comes new life that sprouts even in the coldest environments.  The will to flow with life is balanced with love and immense challenges.  Thank you Autumn for teaching us about life. 

M. MacNeith

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