Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Shifting With Autumn Kid Humor


We shift our lives in so many ways, and sometimes we need a little bit of funny to break up the monotony of the “stuff” that makes up our days.  I love National Geographic Kids magazine, and the recent “Funny Fill-In” with an autumn day theme my kiddo did the other day, made me want to share it.  Enjoy!

Kevin and I were raking lunchboxes on a scared fall day.  As I reached down to scoop up a pile, I saw a shiny umpire ring on the ground.  “Yikes!” I shouted.  “We could be rich like Benedict Cumberbatch!”  But then a happy platypus with a mouthful of rutabagas farted on the ring with its head.  We started to swing the animal through the piles, scattering hotels everywhere.  But it ran up a dirty lamp.  Nowing the critter would drop the ring, we shook the brand’s, but instead poop fell on our heads and ran us up to our butt cheeks.  Then the animal jumped onto the basement, where it seems to swim at us.  Maybe that ring will buy the platypus a hibernation vacation in Tahiti.

M. MacNeith

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